The story:

Whilst we love the bigger projects we really do love the pace of a smaller gig. For example this dinner for ten we styled gave space to some serious contemplation. Very often the WRP Team will swiftly set-up an event and depart before you can blink. The chances of guest and styling crew crossing paths is unlikely. This leads us to ask ourselves; Did they enjoy themselves? Did they admire the setting? Imagine going to the ballet with no back of house crew to keep the show going - what are you left with? One could not function without the other and yet very often the two will never actually collide. Isn’t that a kind of magic? I guess we can never have all the answers but we can always ponder - a funny thought to think and curious minds always tend to wander.

The brief:

To create a beautiful tables cape. Ten guests (predominantly male) invited to one of our corporate clients headquarters who are the Australian distributors to some of the worlds most celebrated whiskeys.

The response:

WRP set to create a tables-cape that paid a gentle homage to the imminent Winter that is very fast approaching. Maple branches tinged in a burnt orange; miniature apples; lemons; leather saddle back chairs; chestnuts in copper vessels with vintage props created warmth and depth.

Stepping away from flowers always brings an entirely different and fresh outlook and pushes us to be creative and experiment with other mediums.